Technological possibilities

We are doing this operations

Material division


Gear production



Heat treatment


Manufacture of preparations and molds

Coordinate measurement

Machinery equipment

classic drills (up to Ø 60 mm)
horizontal boring machines (spindle Ø 90 - 100 mm)
classic lathes (up to Ø 800 mm)
classic milling machines (table width 315 mm, table width 1600 mm)
vertical shaper (up to 350 mm)
round grinding (chuck Ø up to 360 mm)
flat grinding (w. 700 mm, d. 2000 mm)
CNC machines (4 x milling machine, 6 x SPT lathe, 1 x TCH 500 lathe)
CNC lathe IKS -8300R (up to Ø 1300 mm)
CNC machining center DUGARD HD 2210L (table size 2200 × 1000 mm)
MCFM 1680 vertical machining center
hobbing machines, shapers and gear grinders (up to m = 16)
presses (crank, eccentric - up to 2.5 MN)
plasma burning, oxygen cutting
band saws (cutting Ø up to 260 mm)
automatic band saw 290 × 290 X-CNC-1500-F (Ø cutting up to 290 mm)
machine shears (thickness up to 4 mm)
heat treatment (hardening, annealing, cementing, tempering)

We hold quality certificates

Our professional manufacturing meet all quality requirements.