Mining manufacture

Coal crushers

DU series crushers have been developed for crushing coal and stone or other materials up to a strength of 130 MPa.
They are placed in the mine corridor on the track of the scraper conveyor. The crusher can be used in conjunction with scraper conveyors of various types and widths.

Mining trucks

Mining wagons are towed wagons intended for the transport of materials, coal, stone and persons on narrow-gauge horizontal lines in quarries and mines, including deep mines with the risk of methane explosion.

1) Mining wagons of the JDV type
These types of mining wagons consist of a fully welded body with a reinforced bottom, a bogie with a fixed wheel axle and swivel wheels on tapered bearings. The chassis is equipped with cast steel bumpers with a rubber insert.

2) Self-dumping mining wagons of the VSV type
The mining wagons consist of a welded body with two tilting bottoms, which are tilted, including wheelsets. The wagons are sprung by rubber springs. The connection of the wagons is by means of couplings. These mining wagons are designed for train sets pulled by a locomotive and emptied by a continuous passage through a dump station, for example on the head of the tank. The fronts of the wagons are covered against the disintegration of the rock at the time of filling.

3) Special mining wagons
The following types of wagons are included in this category:
• stanchion
• with tilting stanchions
• telescopic plinths
• platform with loads of 3.5 and 6 t
• for the transport of diesel and oils with a volume of 0.71 and 1.5 m3
• two-chassis up to a load capacity of 8 t for transporting of mechanized reinforcements
• toilet
• for transporting of explosives
• with removable pallet or body
• cable
• for transporting passengers
• for transporting slag

Bending machines

Profile benders are manufactured in two variants: OP5 and OP6 designed for bending or straightening of mine profile reinforcement used to reinforce mine tunnels to the required radius greater than 1 m. It is also designed for straightening and bending spatially twisted profiles. The economic return on these machines is very advantageous and provides the user with significant savings on the cost of building mining works.
Profile benders are also suitable for mining operations in potentially explosive atmospheres.

OP5 - the bender consists of two main parts. Basic with drive and working. The drive is electric via a gearbox and a chain drive. Profile rollers with adjustable axial distance are driven by gears. The free rollers rotate in a carriage, which is adjustable by adjusting screws.

OP6 - the bender is a simple construction, easy to operate and maintain. It consists of a frame, a drive, a set of drive rollers of the appropriate profile, support rollers, a cover and a pressure source for the adjusting and moving rollers. The drive is electric via two gearboxes and gears. The profile drive rollers rotate in a carriage that is hydraulically adjustable.


Belt transporters

The conveyors are designed for the transport of coal, stone and ruban in horizontal and inclined mining parts. The material is transported on the upper branch of the endless belt from one or more hoppers to one hopper.

Belt conveyors are manufactured for belt widths of 800, 1000, 1200, 1400 mm.
The individual parts of the belt conveyors are designed to meet the requirements
set for equipment of group I, category M2, for use in underground parts of mines,
where there is a probability of danger of methane and combustible dust.
The conveyors are in a modular design. The individual parts of the conveyors are
designed according to the customer's needs according to the required capacities, inclinations of the line,
automatic operation, length, number of filling points, tensioning.

Section cutters

The cutters of the ST series are designed primarily for cutting mine steel reinforcement.
For each cut profile, a cutting mechanism with a knife of the correct cross-section must be selected.

If necessary, profiles other than mine reinforcements can be divided, for example ordinary rolled profiles, logs, etc., but special knives must be used.

The construction of the ST 4 profile cutter with its construction meets the requirements set for the equipment of group I,
category M2, for use in underground parts of mines where there is a likelihood of exposure to methane or flammable dust.



The winches are used to transport materials and also, for example, to tension belt conveyors or to move rail vehicles.

Their offer is extensive and you will find it on a separate page.

Suspension track

The suspension track is intended for the transport of materials and workers in mining works
of minimum profile 08 with inclination up to 30 °.

Their offer is extensive and you will find it on a separate page.


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